Pottermore: Bringing Harry Potter to life through transmedia storytelling

There has been some controversy and argument as to whether Harry Potter can truly be said to have transcended to be a transmedia story. As an avid fan I believe it has but what do the experts think?

Relatively little of the official Harry Potter media produced to date has been transmedia in the sense that I use the term — as an extension of the information we have available about the world rather than as a replication of the story from one medium to another. I’ve been suggesting lately that we might identify transmedia projects through the combination of two factors – radical intertextuality (that is, the complex interweaving of texts through the exchange of story-related information) and multimodality (that is, the mixing of different media and their affordances in the unfolding of the story). Pottermore works at both levels.

– Henry Jenkins (2011).

Pottermore brings the Harry Potter brand from its basis in being a repurposed or repeated story world, into being a true transmedia brand.

– Jeff Gomez (2011).


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